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Tioman Island is located off the Malaysian state of Pahang. Part of Tioman's appeal, apart from its breathtakingly beautiful environment, both above and below the waterline, is the fact that most of Tioman's inshore waters have been declared an official marine park.

This protected status has rendered the sea around Tioman thick with flora and fauna. In fact, the diversity of life on and around Tioman is quite spectacular. This applies to the coral gardens that abound in the shallow waters off the island too. Undoubtedly, the incredible biodiversity is also the result of Tioman's geographical location, which happens to be just adjacent to the Coral Triangle.

As attested by articles in both TIME Magazine and CNN.com, Tioman is one of the world's most stunning islands. As such, it's no surprise that Tioman garners a considerable influx of travelers every year from around the region, as well as from further afield.

Island oasis

Tioman is a veritable oasis. It isn't only a perfect location for a weekend getaway, but it's ideal for a longer stay as well. Gin-clear sea, snow-white beaches, verdant jungle, Tioman is blessed with all of the above, spread over a total of six kampungs, or villages: Salang, Ayer Batang, Tekek, Paya, Genting and Juara. Only Juara is situated on the east coast of the island. The other villages are equally laid out along Tioman's west coast.

The road less travelled

If you intend to go to Tioman, then your first port of call should be Mersing. This town is considered the gateway to Tioman. You can get to Mersing from Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Melaka or Desaru. You can also reach Mersing from Singapore. Buses, coaches and taxis are available from all these departure points.

Travel smart

One thing to note when traveling to Tioman is that the ferry can only sail around the high water mark. This means that ferry seats are may be unavailable on certain days even though you can still book a hotel room for these days. For this reason, it's best to book your ferry tickets in advance.

By the way, peak season is !

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