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If you're about to spend a holiday in Malaysia but you not sure about the most cost effective way to get around once you're there, then there's any number of reasons why you should be taking a closer look at the train. Why the train? Well, for starters, the railway system in Malaysia, called KTMB, is actually quite efficient. Sure, some journeys may take a little longer than you may expect, but that's more a reflection of the large size of the country, as opposed to the train not being up to par.

Getting there = half the fun

In fact, KTMB's trains are not only fast and comfortable, they're cheap too. And let's not forget the endless vistas you get served right outside your window. No doubt about it, taking the train in Malaysia is a fun way to get around.

Better yet, you can multi-task any time you like. Go ahead and whip out your laptop to finish up editing those YouTube videos you made during your island-hopping excursion the day before. The seats in the train carriages are big enough to work comfortably, which isn't always the case when traveling by bus.

All of that being said, possible the very best thing about the train in Malaysia is the countless destinations that you can go to by train. The Malaysia railway network is very extensive indeed. You may even be spoilt for choice :)

So, if this page inspired you, then by all means book your train tickets on this booking form. Just FYI, peak season is July - August!

Incidentally, you can use this reservation form for all the available train routes, not just in Malaysia, but in Thailand and in Singapore as well.

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