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Wakeboard This!

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Wakeboard this!

The best part of all board sports is that although perhaps not always quite the same, in principle, most of them tend to cross-over quite easily, not only by means of the similarity in the skills required or the freestyle tricks performed, or the sometimes quirky names of these tricks, but also the sheer easy-going hang-loose lifestyles board sports engender and propagate. And let's not forget the cool camaraderie you'll find amongst all boarders, regardless of denomination.


Although wakeboarding may still be a fairly recent addition to the various water sports practiced in Malaysia, it's fast gaining traction. One of the reasons is that whilst wakeboarding is a rush and a half to do, it's very accessible and not exactly dangerous.

Those keen to give wakeboarding a go, have a look at Malaysia Sea Sports or Tioman Ferry Tickets

The joys of flat-water blasting!
The joys of flat-water blasting!

Or explore your wakeboarding options at the MWWF.

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